Zileej Studio is a boutique design team based in Sydney, Dubai & Jakarta.

We design strategic creative experiences and brands with purpose. 

Through meaningful projects & products, we hope to enable a brighter, more representative future.

Zileej Studio is led by Peter Gould, a celebrated designer & creative entrepreneur.

His innovative, award-winning work is highly sought after globally and it has touched millions with positive, inspirational projects.

For over ten years, Peter and his award-winning creative team (Zileej Studio, previously Gould.sydney) has helped design, launch and grow sustainable brands for clients using a unique strategic process. Zileej Studio have pioneered the development of many Muslim-centric brands in the rapidly emerging Islamic lifestyle markets globally.

What does Zileej mean?

Zileej is a cross-cultural word describing beautiful mosaic or painted tilework.  (Arabic: الزليج, Spanish: Azulejos, Moroccan/French: Zilij / Zellige). 

Founder Peter Gould describes the inspiration behind choosing the name Zileej. “I sometimes think of our team as individual creative tiles working harmoniously. Each tile individually expressive, yet together as an interconnected mosaic we flourish with artistic beauty & meaning. Our clients & projects enrich this pattern as vibrant new layers.”

Associates & Staff

Peter Gould 
Chief Design Officer

Subhi B
Communications Director

Neil K
Communications, MENA

Daryl P
Design Director

Nick F
Creative Director

Peter P
Senior Designer & Thinker

Fadilah A
Creative Designer & Communications, Jakarta

Amanda S
Creative Designer

Dinda G
Creative Designer

Tyas H
Creative Designer