Zileej is a truly diverse design & innovation team with a deep sense of shared purpose.

Our global team is working passionately to design a brighter, more inclusive & representative future for everyone.

Zileej Studio is led by Peter Gould, a celebrated designer & creative entrepreneur.

His innovative, award-winning work is highly sought after globally and it has touched millions with positive, inspirational projects.

For over ten years, Peter and his award-winning creative team (Zileej Studio, previously Gould.sydney) has helped design, launch and grow sustainable brands for clients using a unique strategic process. Zileej Studio have pioneered the development of many Muslim-centric brands in the rapidly emerging Islamic lifestyle markets globally.

Associates & Staff

Peter Gould 
Design Executive Officer

Subhi B
Communications Director

Nick F
Creative Director

Daryl P
Design Director

Peter P
Senior Designer & Thinker

Fadilah A
International Communications


‘IsFin Islamica 500 Most Influential Muslims’
‘Islamic Economy Leadership Award’
‘Global Islamic Economy Award: Islamic Arts & Design’
‘Australian Multicultural Marketing Awards’

“Zileej is the most innovative company in the Islamic Economy today”

Chris Abdul-Rahman Blauvelt
LaunchGood CEO & Islamic Economy Leader