If a brand is the sum of all experiences, the space containing the experience is critical.

We get this being in a store where everything is ‘branded’, but enter the back room and we may get another picture.

The way a brand is portrayed to staff and partners matters as much as the consumer facing branding does. If they are to be representatives of the brand, staff need to believe what is being communicated. If the space that they spend much of their working life is neglected and unloved, it makes motivation that much harder to achieve.

AstroLabs – Riyadh & Dubai

“Working with the Zileej team on the AstroLabs coworking spaces in Dubai and Riyadh was an absolute pleasure. They took the time to fully understand our brand, developed unique design, and executed efficiently to meet our tight opening deadlines. We’d definitely work with them again and wholeheartedly recommend Zileej to our friends.”

Muhammed MekkiFounding Partner, AstroLabs

While the big tech companies are investing millions into state-of-the-art facilities for their headquarters, you don’t have to go that far to extend the brand internally. While in our Sydney office we have put much love into choosing the right desks, curating a collection of geeky artworks and turning a bland balcony unused by previous tenants into a mini almost-rooftop garden, it’s the large calligraphic print that has the biggest impact when people enter the space.

Goodforce Labs – Dubai

Wall graphics are just the tip of the internal branding iceberg. Without even addressing things like internal policies, communication and participation, the space the brand representatives inhabit effects their buy in of the brand messaging. Team members won’t feel they are part of an innovative brand if the tools they are using are historic. If they feel the space is warm and cosy, it will be easier for them to interact that way with customers. If they are surrounded by bright, expressive colours, they will be more able to bring this energy to their work.

Islamic Sciences & Research Academy – Sydney

With research showing that workplace environments can affect job satisfaction by as much as 25% and productivity of teams by 10%, it’s worth considering how the brand is experienced in the staffroom, not just on the showroom floor.

For more on internal branding, read this great article from Harvard Business Review.

Gallipoli Home Aged Care – Sydney

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