How might we reimagine the experience of LaunchGood’s key products?


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The Heart of the Community

At Zileej Studio we were tasked with re-imagining the experience of LaunchGood’s key products including Ramadan and Giving Tuesday—two of the most high-traffic times of year for LaunchGood. Working collaboratively with the LaunchGood team, we helped craft the new 30 Days of Giving (Ramadan Challenge) and the Giving Tuesday Challenge, inspired by the vibrant LaunchGood community itself.

The Muslim community shares a strong global connection – a community that creates campaigns with sincerity of heart, and one that gives with incredible generosity. We wanted to find a way to activate and amplify these connections.

In the process of reimagining Ramadan & Giving Tuesday, we helped reimagine key elements on the website, thinking about how we could bring the rich stories and content from the community to the forefront. We asked ourselves: how could we make LaunchGood a daily destination during Ramadan? How could we make LaunchGood at top of mind on Giving Tuesday?



Giving Tuesday 2019

Ramadan Challenge


“Zileej transformed Ramadan on LaunchGood and raised it to a whole new level. I knew Peter’s team was talented, but I wasn’t expecting the depth of design thought and relentless passion to see LaunchGood maximize its potential this year, breaking all records on the site for fundraising.”

Chris Blauvelt, LaunchGood CEO

“In order to fulfil this vision of being the best, we’ve partnered with some of the best: Zileej Studio. Working with Peter Gould and his team has been a natural fit with their wealth of experience with branding in the Muslim space.”

Omar Hamid, LaunchGood CDO