Reimagining well-researched, traditional Islamic knowledge into a modern and compelling bite-sized medium.



Video Development · Animation · Scripting & Storyboarding · Sourcing Voice Talent

The Brief

We were approached by The Living Turath Initiative to help present their well-researched content in a modern, consumable way. The content to be presented was based on the traditional scholastic teachings of Imam Al-Ghazali and the culminating result of a lengthy thesis project. It was decided that these would be compelling, animated videos and through several strategic sessions, the content was distilled and turned into a script. The ultimate result of the project was the creation of two short, custom animated videos that convey rich, deeply intellectual concepts.

About The Living Turath Initiative

Living Turath is a global initiative dedicated to developing spiritual intelligence, strengthening moral resilience and cultivating emotional & physical well-being. We apply the wisdom of the Islamic tradition and contemporary philosophy, psychology and science to everyday life. Our goal is to nurture and educate the next generation of young Muslims who are deeply rooted in their faith and in the multicultural democratic societies of the West.

Video 1: The Story of Creation

Video 2: Contemplative Self-Surrender

Scripting & Storyboarding

Initial Style Exploration

Initial Video Stills